Health & Beauty Scandinavia 2018

Welcome to the trade and sales exhibition
Health & Beauty Scandinavia 2018!

The Nordic Region’s foremost and preferred meeting place for the professional market in the spa, beauty, health and well-being industry. The trade is developing into an integrated and complete industry, meaning that the current trend is to gather several fields of expertise together in one physical place and in one industry.

The exhibition will serve as a meeting place for the entire industry, encouraging inspiration and the sharing of expertise, as well as to provide a comprehensive overview of the products and services in the trade.


Objective of the exhibition

Our aim is to raise the level of expertise internally within the industry and externally with respect to the consumers. In order to fully benefit from the industry, consumers first need to possess knowledge about the industry. And we intend to contribute by enhancing the quality of operations, creating respect for and raising the level of professionalism within the industry.

Professional conferences / competitions / keynote addresses /events

Professional conferences
Considerable effort has been expended in creating a comprehensive and worthwhile programme for professionals that addresses topics of current interest to the industry, including the latest from research and development in medical cosmetics and surgery. Participation by professional keynote speakers from Norway and abroad.

Keynote addresses and demonstrations
The suppliers will hold lectures, short courses and demonstrations either in separate halls or at stands.

Competitions / prizes
Competitions will be held during the exhibition, with prizes being awarded to the winners. For example, we can mention the ”New You” competition in which the public can enter, as well as drawings for products and treatments that can be won on public admission tickets.

Other exhibition events
Breakfast meetings, cocktail hours, plus a banquet on Saturday, 9 February, with the awards ceremony and entertainment

This is just a sampling of what you can expect to experience.

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Great exhibition prices on various treatments and sales of the professional trade’s best products.

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Exhibition open hours:

Friday, 02.february: 10:00 am – 7.00 pm – Trade day
Saturday, 03.february: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm – Trade day / Open to the public
Sunday, 04.february: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm – Trade day / Open to the public

Exhibition organiser: Health & Beauty Scandinavia , Atlagon AS Contact:
CEO / Kari Tveranger Telephone: (+47) 21 51 31 00 or (+47) 934 19 400


Procject Manager: Camilla Nilsen: (+47) 412 64 014


Welcome as an exhibitor at Health & Beauty Scandinavian 2018

Here, you will meet new and old customers, plus gain inspiration and information. You will be able to forge new bonds with your customers and competitors, as well as do business. Effectively, the exhibition provides you with the opportunity to reach out to everyone in the industry, and exhibitors with experience from other events have reported excellent results in both the short and long term.

Exhibition atmosphere / theme

Well-being: the word and feeling will be the overall theme and what suppliers, consumers and the public will experience. Hands as the common feature: refer to touch, confidence, well-being, creativity, etc. Camaraderie among suppliers – Together we provide a boost to the industry. Background music: we will have music composed especially for the exhibition, which will be played throughout the exhibition area. This avoids irritating noise from different stands playing different music. The exhibition will be delicate in terms of sounds, smells, lighting, touch, comfort, spa & relax lounge.

Exhibition premises / size

H & B will be held in Oslo in one of the newes Exmeeting point in Norway. There is good ceiling height and excellent exposure opportunities with sound and lighting. Total area is 13,000 m2.

Division of the exhibition

First and foremost; the exhibition is a meeting and marketplace for sellers and buyers. In order to satisfy the needs and desires of the buyers, the exhibition is divided into the following sections (environments are created around each product group section):

100 SPA – Skin & Body
101 Treatments and clinics
102 Skin and bodycare products
103 Pedicure products
104 Spa-travel, hotels and food
105 Spa consultant
106 Interior and spa design
107 Salon equipment / interior decor
108 Massage chairs, benches and appliances
109 Hygiene articles
110 Shower and bath equipment
111 Pool, saunas and steambaths
112 Aromatherapy/oils
113 Perfume
114 Music and light
115 IPL/FPL – equipment
116 Electrolysis instruments
117 Articles of consumption
118 Figure and shape-up
119 Work clothes
120 Schools, courses and education

200 SPA – Beauty
201 Makeup – face & body
202 Nails – design & art
203 Permanent makeup and piercing
204 Eyelash extension
205 Self-tanning and sunbathing products
206 Solariums
207 Skin improvement
208 Dental care and bleaching
209 Wax and hair growth reduction agents
210 Epilator equipment
211 Perfume
212 Hairdressing articles and accessories
213 Colour guidance, styling and fashion
214 Accessories (jewellery, belts etc)
215 Schools, courses and education

300 Nature & health
301 Dietary supplements
302 Nutrition, diets and weight control
303 Alternative treatment, clinics
304 Travel
305 Parlour/saloon equipment, furniture
306 Schools, training and literature
307 Light-therapy

400 Training & Fitness
401 Training and fitness centre
402 Sportsequipment, clothes and shoes
403 Gym, weight and training equipment
404 Multifunction machines / home use
405 Cardio machines (run/step/ellipse)
406 Exercise bicycles, spinning
407 Vibration training
408 Pilates- and yoga equipment
409 Massage chairs and appliances
410 Institutions and rehabilitation
411 Medical equipment
412 Food supplement and nutrition
413 Performance sports- and energy drinks
414 Weight control and diets
415 Measuring devices, bodyfat/heart rate etc.
416 Exercise program/data/software
417 Personal training and seminars
418 Schools, courses and education
419 Consulting companies
420 Outdoor- and recreational activities
421 Organisations, federations and club members

500 Medical treatment
501 Plastic surgery
502 Cosmetic treatment
503 Dental care
504 Products and equipment
505 Advice and guidance for therapists
506 Laser treatment
507 Medical skin care
508 Medical SPA, hotels and clinics
509 Depilation
510 Tattoo removal
511 Machines

600 professional expertise and consultancy
601 Associations and organisations
602 Schools, courses and education
603 Literature, books and magazines
604 Career planning
605 Computer technology and software
606 Advertising, webdesign and profile
607 Financing, insurance and leasing
608 Image, video and music
609 Sound and light equipment
610 Starting a business

Who visits and buys at the exhibition

H & B is open to all owners, managers, buyers and employees of each business with connections to the industry. As a trade exhibition, you will connect with skin and pedicure clinics, spa salons and spa hotels and chains, aroma therapists, nature therapists, homeopaths, physiotherapists, public nurses, plastic / aesthetic surgeons, specialists, health clinics, masseuses, hairdressing salons, slimming and diet salons, health personnel, nail salons, training studios / clubs, public swimming pool and sports clubs, suntan studios, wedding organisers, perfume shop owners, stylists, makeup artists, schools and students from skin and pedicure, makeup, nails, nature therapy, aroma therapy and the like. In addition, you will meet a determined and affluent public that is immensely interested in the industry, and who are keen to become acquainted with the market’s services and products.


The organiser is responsible for ensuring that as many people as possible have the opportunity to use the trade exhibition as a meeting place and market place. To achieve this we have made use of the following means:

  • Trade magazines in skin and pedicure, spa, massage, nature therapy, hairdressing
  • Free exhibition catalogue / Apps for exhibitors and visitors
  • Advertising in relevant cosmetic and health magazines in the Nordic Region
  • Markeling in socialmedia
  • Brochures, invitation cards and posters
  • DM to actual businesses
  • Press releases to organisations internationally, exhibition organisers
  • Close co/operation with suppliers and co/operating partners
  • Web-based visitor’s guide, TV commercial ‘spots’ and other med


Widerøeveien 1
1360 Fornebu


Telefon: +47 21 51 31 00
CEO: + 47 934 19 400